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Services update - Coventry Waste success

With a population of over half a million people, generating 250,000 tonnes of domestic waste each year, Coventry City Council and the Metropolitan Borough of Solihull deploy a range of waste treatment technologies to ensure that waste is disposed of as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

One of the municipal waste treatment facilities is the state-of-the-art Waste to Energy plant located in Coventry. This plant handles over 200,000 tonnes of waste each year, representing around 80% of the total handled.

At the heart of the operation are three incinerators, operating 7 days and week, 365 days a year. Waste is incinerated at a temperature in excess of 950 oC and steam is raised which is used to drive two turbines to generate electricity and also to provide heat to a local factory. A non-Allen gearbox was in operation taking the power from the two steam turbines, through the single gearbox to the generator.

However, as reported in the last issue of Gear-Torque, the unit developed a shaft and pinion problem which was successfully rectified, in a short time period, and to high quality, by Allen Gears.

As the operator wanted to ensure continuous reliable operation, they decided to place an order for a complete new gearbox to be manufactured for this application by Allen Gears.

Allen Gears engineers designed the new gearbox to provide an exact physical fit with the same interfaces as the non-Allen unit it replaces. Technical requirements and timescale pressures were intense, but installation, alignment and commissioning were completed successfully.

"The new gearbox has been in service for more than a month and we will provide ongoing maintenance and support to ensure it continues to give good service for a long time to come," reports Francis Moss of Allen Gears Services.

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