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Success in Germany with Man Turbo

In just three years since Allen Gears opened an office in Germany, manned by Andreas Bahner, the intake of orders has climbed dramatically - reinforced by the close relationship and understanding between MAN TURBO Hamburg, one of the leading manufacturers of Steam Turbines, and Allen Gears.

Until around three years ago Allen Gears was winning an annual average of one or two gearbox orders from MAN TURBO Hamburg. In 2008, Allen Gears anticipates a total MAN TURBO order intake of some 10-15 gearboxes, all high-performance, high-efficiency generator mounted Epicyclic units.

"MAN TURBO Hamburg is seen in the PowerGen sector as a premium provider of very efficient, high-value equipment and this reflects very well on us," states Tim Scorer.

"Working closely with Andreas in our German office we have planned this campaign with precision and it's really beginning to pay off. We have seen MAN TURBO growing its own order intake vigorously as the market for steam turbines continues to expand and at the same time it is buying in to Epicyclic technology very enthusiastically, gaining efficiency in the process."

According to MAN TURBO Hamburg, they have selected generator mounted Epicyclic design due to the following:

1. Increased efficiency due to generator mounted design, which eliminates the need for a low speed bearing.

2. Compact design which ensures no offset of drive train, resulting in less construction work, less concrete, less building room necessary and last but not least, low oil flow requirements.

3. A comparison and understanding that this solution is lower cost than traditional parallel shaft technology.

"The involvement of Andreas in this process of growth has been critical,"adds Tim."Our success with MAN TURBO Hamburg underpins our philosophy of producing bespoke equipment.This customer fits perfectly with our product and business strategies and the aftermarket potential in these deliveries is very strong."

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