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Allen Gears Customers Alstom hydro
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Allen Gears epicyclic units have been developed with over 60 years of continuous product improvement and are utilised across a wide range of applications.

Operational requirements for epicyclic gears range from low speed high torque applications such as hydro electric power production through to very high speed gas turbine driven applications in industrial power generation and marine propulsion.

Allen Gears epicyclic units provide a power-dense solution with co-axial input and output shaft lines. This arrangement allows for a more compact and lightweight solution to be produced eliminating the need for shaft offsets between driving and driven machinery which can result in smaller and lighter drive train package arrangements.

The ability for the Allen Gears epicyclic gear to provide more power-dense solutions is provided through the capability to share the load between an increased number gear meshes and the use of the patented Allen Gears AEG annulus coupling arrangement. This result in lower volume gears, with lower pitchline and bearing journal velocities which can result in an epicyclic gear having significantly lower losses than an equivalent parallel shaft gear.

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Allen Gears epicyclic gear units can be configured in three principle arrangements to allow different ratio, torque transmission and shaft rotation characteristics. These three arrangements are;

Star where the planet carrier is fixed and the sun and annulus gear rotate.

  • Fixed carrier assembly
  • Input and output shaft rotate in opposite directions
  • Ratios from 2:1 to 11:1

Planetary where the annulus ring gear is the fixed component and the sun gear and planet carrier rotate

  • Fixed annulus system
  • Input and output shaft rotate in same directions
  • Ratios from 3:1 to 12:1

Solar gear where the sun gear is the fixed component and the annulus gear and planet carrier rotate.

  • Fixed sunwheel
  • Input and output shafts rotate is same direction
  • Ratios from 1.1:1 to 1.7:1

In addition where higher ratios are required, two-stage or compound units can be developed to provide ratios up to # :1.


Allen Gears epicyclics can be used to provide drive between a wide range of prime movers and driven equipment. Typical driving machinery would be Gas turbines, Steam turbines, Electric Motors, Diesel Engines or Hydro turbines. Driven machinery could be pumps, compressors (radial or reciprocating), electrical generators, ship propellers or water jets.

Allen Gears experience has provided epicyclic solutions covering power ranges between 0.5 MW to 37 MW, transmitted torques up to 0.5 Mw to 37 MW, transmitted torques up to 4.35 MN.m and operating at speeds from as low as 19 rpm up to input shaft speeds of 40,000 rpm. Design features available within our range of epicyclic solutions are:

  • Generator Mounted Gear Boxes
  • Turbine Mounted Gearboxes
  • Lubrication Pump, Fuel Pump etc. PTO drives
  • Starter drive PTI’s
  • Integrated Barring Drive Gear
  • Instrumentation Packages for Condition Monitoring

Allen gears have invested many years in perfecting the manufacturing technology that is critical for the successful operation of high integrity transmissions, to meet the ever increasing demands of the high speed and high power applications.

Our ability to provide high quality and reliable transmission is facilitated by the design and manufacture of all of the critical components in-house, for example gears, bearings, casings and couplings.

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