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Company History

In 1948 W H Allen Sons & Co Ltd - Allen Gears - commenced the development of an epicyclic gear having special design features patented by the late Dr. Stoeckicht. Following two years of work, practical designs for a range of industrial epicyclic gears were produced and Allen Gears entered into a licence agreement for their manufacture.

In order to realise the full potential of the Allen-Stoeckicht Epicyclic gears it was decided to set up Allen Gears at Pershore in 1956. To date over 5,000 gears, of this epicyclic type, totalling some 30 million horsepower, have been designed and manufactured at Pershore.

In 1966 Allen Gears designed and manufactured two prototype gears rated 8,110 HP for Stal Laval, Sweden for their first AP range of steam turbines for marine propulsion. These were the first of 980 units which were designed and manufactured by Allen Gears for Stal Laval for single train powers up to 30,800 HP.

Around this time, the Amalgamated Power Engineering (APE) group was formed of which Allen Gears became a part, along with Allen Diesels, Allen Steam Turbines and others. cassa

The expansion of demand for epicyclic gearing in the USA necessitated local manufacture. Philadelphia Gear Corporation were selected, and under a cross licensing agreement made in 1976, Allen Gears manufactured their range of high speed parallel shaft gearboxes especially for the Oil and Gas industry.

In the early 1980’s the APE group was taken over by Northern Engineering Industries (NEI)

1985 saw the first of 16 ship sets of specialised high speed gears for the Royal Danish Navy 'Standard Flex 300' multi role vessel.

In 1989 Rolls-Royce acquired the NEI group, including Allen Gears.

In 1990 the company was awarded 'A British Design Council Award' - Britain's top design accolade for engineering excellence, in connection with a contract for the design and manufacture of major hydro turbine generator drive gearboxes.

Building from previous experience gained in Nigeria, Columbia, Yemen and India, Allen Gears were selected to supply 23 off parallel shaft gear boxes to W H Allen Diesels for Indian Oil Corporation in 1995 for crude oil diesel driven pumping sets.

In 1997 Allen Gears were selected by Solar Turbines as the supplier for their new Titan 130 gas turbine drive generator engine programme. Allen Gears are the sole supplier for all the Mars and Titan generator drives packaged through Solar Turbines.

2002 saw Allen Gears win a SuperYacht Innovation Award. Allen Gears designed and manufactured a highly engineered unit, to meet the demanding specification for a new Luxury Yacht, The Millennium 140, which broke the world speed superyacht record (reaching over 70 knots). The unit achieved a place

In 2003 Allen Gears manufactured the 1st of a series of epicyclic gearboxes for the RB211 Gas turbine driven generator. These units transmit power up to 37,300 kW and are the largest epicyclic gearboxes manufactured to date.

In 2005 Allen Gears won 2 x large contracts for confidential Naval Programmes. The first supplies the propulsion gearboxes for both the gas turbine and diesel engine propulsion on-board a series of high speed attack craft. The second contract was for all the gearing requirements on-board a high speed assault hovercraft.

In 2008, Allen Gears was acquired by its team of Directors

RoSPA Award for Allen Gears

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